Femme versant à boire

Femme versant à boire (The Midday Repast) - Julien Dupre

The theme of farm workers resting recurs throughout Dupré’s oeuvre, but this painting forms part of a group of three canvases with similar compositions—and its date of 1882 anchors the group in the early 1880s. This image presents a particularly intimate scene of two haymakers enjoying a respite from their labors. Unlike the slightly earlier…

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Le repos dans les champs

Le repos dans les champs (Resting in the Fields) - Julien Dupre

Le repos dans les champs was one of two paintings that Dupré exhibited at the Salon of 1887. Although the work is not especially large, it demonstrates the artist’s ability to handle complex, multi-figure compositions, as would be appropriate for a Salon submission. The pyramidal organization of the figures, with the man in the straw…

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Repos des faneurs

man and woman having lunch in a field

The scene of two harvesters eating lunch in the fields became a theme that Dupré explored often in the early 1880s. This is the first of several paintings from this period that utilizes a similar composition and in fact, the same models. (See R1003, R1004.) In this version, a woman sits on some baled hay…

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A Moments Rest

A Moments Rest - Julien Dupre

This painting is one of a series of images featuring a solitary female figure gazing off into the distance that begin to appear in Dupré’s work in the late 1880s. In this canvas, the woman leaning on her hayfork stares at a point outside the picture plane, leaving the viewer unaware of the focus of…

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A Wooded Landscape with a Woman by a Haystack

A Wooded Landscape with a Woman by a Haystack - Julien Dupre

One of the earliest signed and dated works by Dupré, this bucolic landscape shows a clear influence of the Impressionist painters whose first independent group exhibition had opened in April 1874, just a few months before he painted this July scene. The young painter would surely have seen the exhibit that not only challenged the…

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Winter Landscape, Nauroy

snowy landscape

The small village of Nauroy (Aisne department in Hauts-de-France) is located about ten miles north of Saint-Quentin in the region known as Picardie during Dupre’s time. It was here that Dupré first began to paint scenes of rural life while visiting his good friend Georges Laugée. After his marriage to Georges’ sister Marie-Eléonore, family visits…

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Vache au soleil

Cow in a Sunny Meadow - Julien Dupre

This is one of only a handful of canvases featuring cows without human attendants. Here, Dupré features a brightly lit single cow against the backdrop of a summer landscape. A lush pasture framed by wooded areas on the left and right frame a Normande cow. In the distance, a few sketchily painted cows suggest that…

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